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Bieber Family Hist. V-1 N-1

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Cox Family   V-1 N-3

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Pugachev Rebellion V-2 N-1   V-2 N-3

Maskepetoon Cree Chief   V-2 N-1

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Austrians   V-1 N-2

Early Farming on

Prairies  V-1 N-2

Christmas in Norka  V-2 N-1

St. Matthew Luth. Ch.  V-2 N-1

Early Wringer Washer V-2 N-3

Easter Customs V-2  N-2

Brush Hill Reformed Church  V-3 N-1

History of Peace Church V-3 N-1

G-R Genealogy Collections Storage V-3 N-2



Rev. Gottlob Hahn  V-1 N-2

Volga German Pastors V-2 N-3

Rev. Henry Bird Steinhauer  V-2  N-4



Potato Soup  V-1 N-2

Gramma's Best Chicken

Soup  V-1 N-3

Lentil Soup  V-1 N-1

German Bean Soup V-2 N-3

German Potato Salad  V-2  N-4

Coconut Cream Pie  V-2  N-4

Kuchle Grebbles  V-2  N-2

Paska (German)  V-2  N-2

Chocolate Fudge V-3 N-1



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Pastor Wilhelm Staerkel


Rev. Wilhelm Staerkel was a long-time pastor of the German Reformed Church of Norka, Saratov, Russia.  His birth is recorded on Dec. 13, 1839, and he died July 10, 1915, in Norka, Russia. Among the Volga colonies, Pastor Staerkel was highly regarded by the people and clergy alike as a spiritual, God-fearing Christian leader. (a biographical book on the life and times of Rev. William Staerkel is underway and will soon be published.)  Suppose any readers have additional data or photographs concerning Pastor Staerkel; in that case, they are invited to send them to Reuben Bauer at WCHF online heritage book publishing to be included in this book.  (photo courtesy: Mike Grau).  You may also wish to phone Reuben Bauer at this number with additional information:   1-780-962-3002, or if you wish, send him an email at: wchf.books@gmail.com

Ukrainian family and genealogy histories will shortly be available in PDF Books (Digital Format).  You will be able to order them through our Website.  We will send the books directly to your Email address via your computer as soon as they are paid for by E-commerce transfer, cheque, or cash.  No shipping costs and postage charges are necessary. The price of each book will be shown clearly.