About Reuben

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Just look at my fisherman grandson!  Emerson has done it again.  This baby must weigh in at about 20 lbs.  Emerson just loves fishing and so do I. To bad I was not present to see him reel this one in.  Apparently it took about 25 minutes to land him.  One can see why, as you don't want that big fish to snap your line. 

In the foreground are Reuben and his wife Ruth Bauer, listening to the Toastmaster speak at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee celebration. Reuben has been the Chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada for several years in Alberta. Under his direction, the Alberta Monarchists have enjoyed a revival of interest and growth.

Our latest fishing expedition to a northern lake, where we stayed in a family cabin, proved fantastic for fishing.   My grandson was thrilled as he would pull in a maximum of 3 large fish each day.  So, needless to say, I was busy butchering and cleaning fish.  After cleaning, I could clean them so that there were no bones in the fish stakes.  After each fish fry, we totally enjoyed ourselves both cleaning them as well as eating them. 

This is the occasion of our 50th Wedding Anniversary on July 15, 2022.  Hundreds of greetings from far and near including our dear children Simone and Allen King and Jon and Andrea Bauer and our dearest grandchildren Emerson and Avalynn Bauer.  We wish also to acknowledge greetings from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Mary Simon Governor-General of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Jason Kenney, and the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Salma Lakhani, our MP Dane Lloyd and the Leader of the Opposition Jagmeet Singh and many other friends and relatives.  Our most gracious gratitude of thanks to each and everyone for their best wishes and thoughts for many more years to come.